Basic Tajweed Course

Brief Guide on Types of Courses of Quran Learning

Courses of Quran learning can be partitioned into basic learning, familiarity, Quran memorization, qiraat, and propelled information classifications. In this article, we will attempt to clarify how the students avail benefits from taking our online Quran learning courses. They can choose different learning tracks for knowing about the accessible choices and finding support in settling on a significant choice about their learning tracks and facilitate the excursion of taking in the Quran courses.

What we will explore in the Quran learning course at Sabeel Ul Quran:

  • Quran Foundation and Complete Orientation 
  • Quran Enhanced Understanding
  • Complete Quran Memorization
  • Understanding the Quran Qiraat
  • Advanced Quran Knowledge and Understanding

Quran Foundation and Complete Orientation:

The primary steps of all learning courses are starting from understating the Quran foundation with complete orientation. It is the venturing stone and fundamental standards for learning the essentials of Quran recitation and picking up nature with style, Arabic letter set, and way to express the Holy Quran. 

1) Quran Foundation, otherwise called Qaida or Noorani Qaida: In this course, the understudy begins to gain from the very nuts and bolts of perusing the Holy Quran, and this course gives an understanding into the nuts and bolts of Arabic language and the principles of Quran perusing which is otherwise called essential Tajweed. It principally begins from finding support from the Quran instructor, on the best way to articulate the letters in order and produce the sound of them. 

2) Beginner’s complete information about Holy Quran: It begins with the assistance of an educator to peruse the beginning exercises and to learn little exercises about exact perusing before starting Quran Foundation courses. 

3) Foundation of Islamic studies: Islam is essentially a lifestyle, and it is a “Deen” which tends to all circles of human life and give core values in the method of Holy Quran and Sunnah for prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) who all Muslims know as an envoy of Allah and as an extensive, living case of executing Holy Quran throughout everyday life. 

Quran Enhanced Understanding:

This is the second period of Quran learning in which, in the wake of learning Tajweed, one finds out about picking up familiarity with the Quran and learn Tafseer. Tafseer courses are fundamentally about the translation of the Quran so as to comprehend the message to numerous human life settings conceivable, as the expressions of the Quran are worldwide and apply for all the timetable of this world and life on it. 

Fundamentally in this progression, the Quran instructor guides through the accessible interpretation writing and “Tafseer Literature” by learned researchers of Quran, that what exploration and manner of thinking these genuine researchers have done as such far in creating comprehension of Quran in setting to history and present life and even with the future time, there are numerous rules and headings to which the Quran focuses about future. 

Complete Quran Memorization:

In the wake of picking up Tajweed (Quran Reading) and Tafseer (Quran Meaning) course, those with great memory (particularly children and youthful) have the chance to draw near to Allah S.W.T. by retaining Quran by heart with each “Surah” and each “Ayat.” It conveys extraordinary “Unlatched o Sawab” or Reward in this life and the life of in the future. The memorization of the Quran conveys extraordinary benefits for individuals, and those are known as “Hifaaz e Karam.” 

Understanding the Quran Qiraat:

The steps describe each and everything about the Qiraat of the Quran. What’s more, the individual who has this ability is regularly known as “Qaari” in Islamic culture. It is absolutely an incredible course to learn; finding out about Qiraat of Quran courses gives one additional internal excellence and harmony as passing on the message in an excellent way will undoubtedly get numerous gifts in this life and afterlife. 

Advanced Quran Knowledge and Understanding:

You can learn advanced studies of the Holy Quran at Sabeel Ul Quran. You can likewise get Ijazaah to reveal the Quran. You can enter into the scholar courses world to comprehend, accept, follow up on, and eventually spread the message of the Quran to individual people. 


Best Online Holy Quran Memorization Course:

At Sabeel Ul Quran Memorization of the Holy Quran motivates Muslims to learn Holy Book by Heart. Most likely, it’s a super gift and a blessing from Allah Almighty that you or your kids can absorb the Quran in your Heart. Thus, the individuals who get this gift are named as Hafiz-e-Quran. It means they become the Protectors of the Quran. Allah ensures a lot of compensation for the individuals who learn His Kalam (Holy Quran) by Heart.

In the Holy Quran Allah Almighty says:

“Undoubtedly, we have made the Quran easy for memorizing, so is there any individual who wants to memorize it by heart?” (Surah Al-Qamar)

At Sabeel Ul Quran, kits and grownups recite Quran in a sweet and bewitching tone. Our commitment is to enhance your Quran perusing with the goal that you end up being a worthy reciter and memorizer of the Holy Quran. One-on-one gathering of holding the Quran drives you to get an incredible association with your mentor and the understudies demonstrating satisfaction with it. Our devoted and master mentors help each understudy to achieve their Quran recognition objective.

What are our Quran learning objectives?

  • Understanding the importance of Quran verses
  • Complete Memorization of the Holy Quran
  • The understanding of meanings behind each verse

Outline of our Quran Memorization Course:

Our online Quran Memorization Course describes the latest technique to teach Quran through online mediums. Kids and Muslim students can easily pick any of the mentioned projects after checking the outline of your course.

  • Memorizing the last Juz of the Holy Quran
  • Memorizing Holy Quran short Surah’s
  • Memorizing any preferred Surah’s
  • Learning and Memorizing the Holy Quran

Methods of memorizing Holy Quran:

A new method of Quran Memorization: This is the proportion of new methods to remember the Holy Quran every day.

Newly retained part (Sabaq): This is the number of areas that understudies retain in the past 20 to 30 days. The as of late held fragment will change again and again.

Old Memorization method: This course is sifted through to empower the people who should be a Hafiz. This is the sum of that divide that understudies held beforehand and becomes an old exercise of maintenance of the Quran. It will be continued for a lifetime, as keeping it is an exceptional commitment.

Our latest methodology of Quran Memorization:

Here are a couple of thoughts of our latest Quran Memorization Course, which will empower the understudies to recollect the Quran on the web easily:

  • Appropriate Holy Quran Pronunciation and Recitation
  • Dedicated Daily Limit for the purpose of Quran Memorization
  • Regular Recitation with proper Revision
  • Joining and understanding the Verses

How Our Holy Quran Memorization Course will Work:

The latest Online Quran learning and memorizing Classes are a diligent and ordinary progressing process. If your Kid has completed Quran Reading, at that point, the person will be qualified for Quran Memorization Course at Sabeel Ul Quran. The procedure of Memorization requires duty, and it takes around 2-3 years to flawless online Quran recognition or retention.

You can join our 5 days trial for Quran Memorization Course. The trial is free of cost and will let you know about our online course easily.


Most important tips for memorizing Holy Quran (Hifz)

Memorizing the Holy Quran is a relatively difficult effort as compared to learning other skills but it has been made easy by Allah subhana wa ta’ala for the people who dedicate themselves to it.

People who have done this task have devised and ascertained, some ways to make the wholesome effort easier.

In this regard below mentioned tips are very crucial and helped immensely in memorizing the Holy Quran and it has been successfully tested by many students.

Get a professional Quran teacher

it is not accurately possible to learn the Holy Quran without the help of a professional teacher. This is the reason that recitation and the rules of tajweed are corrected by a professional Quran teacher which is not possible otherwise. These days it is easily possible to hire a teacher for learning Holy Quran one such great resource is this website,

Pragmatic goal setting

Because every person is unique in their pace and understanding and memorizing skills therefore each person should set their own limit for learning a number of verses. As we all know that consistency is the better and more sought after commodity in the path of any learning journey. So in order to make it long-lasting and achieving 100%, one should reduce the goals and make sure that the lessons are memorized by heart for future revision.

Understand and memorize

Understanding the rhythm of verses and their link between each other makes one find the pattern which reveals the verses and understanding this process and pattern greatly enhances the memorizing of Holy Quran.

Daylong revisions

As they say that humans have limited memory as compared to superior intelligence, so therefore to make it up to active memory one must revise continuously throughout the day whenever one finds time from daily routine like during waiting for something and after the prayers 5 times a day and many other small bits of time.

Finding resemblance in verses

There are some similarities in the words and meanings of different verses in the Quran and many have repetitions. Understanding and finding these similar parts for portions of the Holy Quran can make one remember and less likely to make mistakes.

Learn from one printed copy

Having one specific copy of the Holy Quran gives the learner of the Holy Quran a good impact in mind that imprints the words and letters in the back of the mind.

Melodious recitation

Reciting the Holy Quran in such a way that it is beautified in recitation it pleases not just two years but it greatly also enhances the memorization. One also understands the rhythm in the sounds of the Holy Quran with beautiful recitations.

Recite your lesson to others

It is very imperative and crucial to avoid making mistakes while learning and thoroughly memorizing a surah in the Holy Quran. Therefore it is necessary that you accompany a companion who is a Hafiz himself who can listen to your recitation and you can get your corrections. If a professional Quran teacher or individual classes are joined, that can greatly improve your memorizing skills.


Purpose of using Technology in Learning Quran

Importance of Learning of the Holy Quran:

Learning the last Holy book dates back from Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W). It is an early source chain of learning Quran with Tajweed in Madrassas. The process dedicates schools and institutes to organize learning of the holy Quran and motivate students to learn the Quran on a routine basis. With the appearance of new technology, new ways have been presented through which Muslims can learn Quran while sitting at their homes. 

With the appearance of innovative tools, a wide range of stages, like sites, portable applications, and others, are accessible for the Holy Quran’s recitation and tuning in using sound documents. Enhanced with the utilization of improved specialized apparatuses, for example, Instant Messengers and Mobile Apps, make this experience increasingly smooth. There are numerous technologies accessible today that will enhance the learning of the Holy Quran and expect to apply for new learning sources for the students, which were not available previously. 

In this article, we will feature a portion of the benefits and strategies utilized in learning the Holy Quran with the help of the latest technologies.

Benefits of Using Technology for Learning Holy Quran:

  • Provision of visual technologies which are transparent for learning Quran 
  • Eligibility to provide Audio playback system
  • Text featuring support is synchronized with Ayat recitation. 
  • Searching the content for interpretation from the Quran utilizing search highlight of utilizations. 
  • Night mode empowering simple recitation. 
  • Repetitive utilization of sound recitation for the right comprehension of Quran pronunciation. 
  • Multiple reciters and interpreters are accessible all day long. 
  • Translations are accessible in more than 20 unique languages. 
  • Notes include catching the considerations and learning notes so as to upgrade learning. 
  • Sharing of your recitation being referred to with another person, for instance, your educator. 
  • High-speed web accessibility for the purpose of communication with an educator for online Quran learning from Sabeel ul Quran
  • Interactive Online Quran learning meetings. 
  • Availability of electronic book recordings for learning Tajweed, which is the fundamental aptitude of Quran recitation. 
  • Easy earning at the comfort of home any time
  • With the diverse learning programs offered by Sabeel ul Quran, it is conceivable to use the internet learning instruments joined with customary techniques for instructing, click here for the subtleties. 
  • Professional translators are accessible for individuals who don’t comprehend Arabic for its right understanding.
  • The availability of interpretation gives an additional advantage for building up a comprehension of the first content in ayats. 
  • At Sabeel ul Quran online teachers who teaches the Holy Quran and share their screen with understudies 
  • Availability of online classes before joining any course for learning the Quran. 
  • Maintaining a decent beat and routine with the accessibility of learning the Holy Quran.

Sabeel Ul Quran uses the latest innovations of technology to learn Holy Quran:

Using the latest technology innovations for learning the Holy Quran is beneficial for those people who want to learn the Quran from the comfort of your home. Sabeel Ul Quran is an online Quran Academy that has been offering the types of the assistance of learning the Holy Quran and presenting the Holy Quran to all students around the world with ease and convenience.