Online Quran Courses

Teaching Methodology

Quran Learning through TPI

TPI or Total Physical Interaction is a technique to make Qur’an learning and understanding of Salah easy. It has been approved effective in many parts of the world. People learn it and teach it.

1.The Right Sign

While teaching TPI method of Qur’an learning, it is very easy for the teachers to get feedback even from large audience because if student is making sign right, it means he/she understood the concept.

2.Verbal Forms

TPI method helps not only in learning different forms of a verb but also in explaining the meanings of verbal forms. From basics of Arabic alphabets to joining rules and words skills for correct pronunciation.

Quran Class

Nazra Quran

Minimum age to enroll in this class is 5 years old both male and female.

The course is designed for kids to start from basics and learn to pronounce, join words, identify symbols and connect the letters with Talaffuz and Qawaid.


  • Qurani Qaida
  • Nazra Qur’an with Tajweed rules
  • Namaz, Du’as, Seerah and Terbiyah of Islamic manners

Quran Classes


Basic Tajweed Course
Advanced Tajweed Course

It is a certified course and absolutely one of a kind. It is an extraordinary course which enables its students to master all the technicalities of Tajweed al Qur’an, covering all the important aspects in such a short time.

Duration 15 hours

Who can enroll?

The one who has already learnt basic Tajweed.

Course Details

Quran Classes


It is advance level course for those who have completed reading and translation of Quran. This will make students learn the explanations according to various Islamic scholars.

Tafseer is Teaching About

  • Word for Word meaning
  • Explanation with background of the Ayahs
  • Motivation to act upon
  • Non-sectarian and non-political teachings

Quran Classes

(Memorizing the Quran)

Hifz is basically an advance level course which is suitable for those who have already completed reading of Quran. Students will take Quran lessons on daily basis along with revision of previous lessons.

Quran Classes

Arabic/Urdu Language

On completion of this course you will be able to understand fundamentals of Urdu/Arabic language. It will includes, Basic Urdu/Arabic Qaida, reading, listening and speaking of respective language.

Quran Classes

Islamic Studies

In this course, Students will learn basic Islamic History, 6 Kalmas, Pillars of Islam, Duas , Inspirational Islamic stories and basic principles of Islam and a lot of other things.