Fee Structure

First month you can pay as low as $10 USD.

Suitable for Kids As Well As Adults

You can choose your required weekly plan to achieve and practice lessons with a low fee initially. Below plans are mentioned for covering for providing professional teaching in an affordable manner, this table can be revised however so please visit before sign up. Timings of classes are very flexible to pick and can be expanded or reduced as required.

United States Dollars

Schedule /WeekClasses per MonthEach Class DurationFee USD
2 Classes /Week08 /Month30 Minutes$37 /Month
3 Classes /Week12 /Month30 Minutes$50 /Month
4 Classes /Week16 /Month30 Minutes$66 /Month
5 Classes /Week20 /Month30 Minutes$82 /Month
HIFZ CLASSES20 /Month60 Minutes$160 /Month

United Kingdom Pounds

Schedule /WeekClasses per MonthEach Class DurationFee GBP
2 Classes /Week08 /Month30 Minutes£30 /Month
3 Classes /Week12 /Month30 Minutes£38 /Month
4 Classes /Week16 /Month30 Minutes£50 /Month
5 Classes /Week20 /Month30 Minutes£65 /Month


20 /Month60 Minutes

£125 /Month

Australian Dollars

Schedule /WeekClasses per MonthEach Class DurationFee AUD
2 Classes /Week08 /Month30 Minutes$50 /Month
3 Classes /Week12 /Month30 Minutes$70 /Month
4 Classes /Week16 /Month30 Minutes$90 /Month
5 Classes /Week20 /Month30 Minutes$110 /Month
HIFZ CLASSES20 /Month60 Minutes$220 /Month