Most important tips for memorizing Holy Quran (Hifz)

Memorizing the Holy Quran is a relatively difficult effort as compared to learning other skills but it has been made easy by Allah subhana wa ta’ala for the people who dedicate themselves to it.

People who have done this task have devised and ascertained, some ways to make the wholesome effort easier.

In this regard below mentioned tips are very crucial and helped immensely in memorizing the Holy Quran and it has been successfully tested by many students.

Get a professional Quran teacher

it is not accurately possible to learn the Holy Quran without the help of a professional teacher. This is the reason that recitation and the rules of tajweed are corrected by a professional Quran teacher which is not possible otherwise. These days it is easily possible to hire a teacher for learning Holy Quran one such great resource is this website, www.sabeelulquran.com.

Pragmatic goal setting

Because every person is unique in their pace and understanding and memorizing skills therefore each person should set their own limit for learning a number of verses. As we all know that consistency is the better and more sought after commodity in the path of any learning journey. So in order to make it long-lasting and achieving 100%, one should reduce the goals and make sure that the lessons are memorized by heart for future revision.

Understand and memorize

Understanding the rhythm of verses and their link between each other makes one find the pattern which reveals the verses and understanding this process and pattern greatly enhances the memorizing of Holy Quran.

Daylong revisions

As they say that humans have limited memory as compared to superior intelligence, so therefore to make it up to active memory one must revise continuously throughout the day whenever one finds time from daily routine like during waiting for something and after the prayers 5 times a day and many other small bits of time.

Finding resemblance in verses

There are some similarities in the words and meanings of different verses in the Quran and many have repetitions. Understanding and finding these similar parts for portions of the Holy Quran can make one remember and less likely to make mistakes.

Learn from one printed copy

Having one specific copy of the Holy Quran gives the learner of the Holy Quran a good impact in mind that imprints the words and letters in the back of the mind.

Melodious recitation

Reciting the Holy Quran in such a way that it is beautified in recitation it pleases not just two years but it greatly also enhances the memorization. One also understands the rhythm in the sounds of the Holy Quran with beautiful recitations.

Recite your lesson to others

It is very imperative and crucial to avoid making mistakes while learning and thoroughly memorizing a surah in the Holy Quran. Therefore it is necessary that you accompany a companion who is a Hafiz himself who can listen to your recitation and you can get your corrections. If a professional Quran teacher or individual classes are joined, that can greatly improve your memorizing skills.

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