Purpose of using Technology in Learning Quran

Importance of Learning of the Holy Quran:

Learning the last Holy book dates back from Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W). It is an early source chain of learning Quran with Tajweed in Madrassas. The process dedicates schools and institutes to organize learning of the holy Quran and motivate students to learn the Quran on a routine basis. With the appearance of new technology, new ways have been presented through which Muslims can learn Quran while sitting at their homes. 

With the appearance of innovative tools, a wide range of stages, like sites, portable applications, and others, are accessible for the Holy Quran’s recitation and tuning in using sound documents. Enhanced with the utilization of improved specialized apparatuses, for example, Instant Messengers and Mobile Apps, make this experience increasingly smooth. There are numerous technologies accessible today that will enhance the learning of the Holy Quran and expect to apply for new learning sources for the students, which were not available previously. 

In this article, we will feature a portion of the benefits and strategies utilized in learning the Holy Quran with the help of the latest technologies.

Benefits of Using Technology for Learning Holy Quran:

  • Provision of visual technologies which are transparent for learning Quran 
  • Eligibility to provide Audio playback system
  • Text featuring support is synchronized with Ayat recitation. 
  • Searching the content for interpretation from the Quran utilizing search highlight of utilizations. 
  • Night mode empowering simple recitation. 
  • Repetitive utilization of sound recitation for the right comprehension of Quran pronunciation. 
  • Multiple reciters and interpreters are accessible all day long. 
  • Translations are accessible in more than 20 unique languages. 
  • Notes include catching the considerations and learning notes so as to upgrade learning. 
  • Sharing of your recitation being referred to with another person, for instance, your educator. 
  • High-speed web accessibility for the purpose of communication with an educator for online Quran learning from Sabeel ul Quran
  • Interactive Online Quran learning meetings. 
  • Availability of electronic book recordings for learning Tajweed, which is the fundamental aptitude of Quran recitation. 
  • Easy earning at the comfort of home any time
  • With the diverse learning programs offered by Sabeel ul Quran, it is conceivable to use the internet learning instruments joined with customary techniques for instructing, click here for the subtleties. 
  • Professional translators are accessible for individuals who don’t comprehend Arabic for its right understanding.
  • The availability of interpretation gives an additional advantage for building up a comprehension of the first content in ayats. 
  • At Sabeel ul Quran online teachers who teaches the Holy Quran and share their screen with understudies 
  • Availability of online classes before joining any course for learning the Quran. 
  • Maintaining a decent beat and routine with the accessibility of learning the Holy Quran.

Sabeel Ul Quran uses the latest innovations of technology to learn Holy Quran:

Using the latest technology innovations for learning the Holy Quran is beneficial for those people who want to learn the Quran from the comfort of your home. Sabeel Ul Quran is an online Quran Academy that has been offering the types of the assistance of learning the Holy Quran and presenting the Holy Quran to all students around the world with ease and convenience. 

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